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Our Story

Have you ever been frustrated shopping online? Outrageous shipping costs? Confusing product offering? Yes, we have!

So we founded and we have a motto that still stands today, simply for our shoppers to: “Shop Happy.”

What is today? 

Today, has a wide selection of handpicked products, we are committed to bring you “Great Deals” every day. Parallel Imported directly to you.

Our Promises

Our mission is to simplify the online shopping process and provide a stress-free shopping experience.  To our customers, we promise:

  • Low Prices: .
  • Quality Assurance: Or your money back
  • Fast Shipping:. All of our inventory of products are in stock .We have over 200 people working behind the scenes strategically to make sure your orders are fulfilled quickly. Orders are processed and fulfilled within 1 - 2 days . Most products have FREE SHIPPING! . Shipping time to NZ averages 12 - 14 Business Days
  • 24/7 Support: Our CS Team works around the clock to solve your issues. Any messages or emails are returned 100% within 24 hours regardless of working day.
  • Simple Warranty: Any problem with the products (including damage from shipping) are replaced or refunded.
  • Privacy: We implement a strict policy on controlling and limiting access to your personal information.


Commitments to Society

As we are growing, we realized the growing impacts of our actions and have been committed to several simple principles:

  • Protect the Environment: Where possible, we are committed to minimize our impact to the environments. We have and continue to aim to further reduce waste from packaging and shipping.
  • Provide Equal Opportunity: We do not allow for any unethical discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sex identity, age, marital status, pregnancy status, mental or physical disability.
  • Safety First: We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable workplace.
  • Animal Friendly: We are committed to nurture an animal friendly environment, they come to work with us! We are also against selling any product that may be of harm to animals.


Comments and Feedback

Help us improve and achieve more by kindly giving us your feedback.

If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out for answers. We are always here for you.


You can write to us here:

Our Headquarters is in Stratford New Zealand.